This is the official changelog for All changes and bug reports/fixes will be reported here until this note gets way too long and we're forced to split it up. Bookmark this note to keep track of bug fixes and other technical behind-the-scenes stuff we're working on.

Updates - 12-5-2012

  • Password reset feature online and active

  • Two factor authentication now online (No user-facing UI to activate it yet, however)

  • Pressing the TAB key in the editor now inserts a TAB character rather than moving the active element to the next in a fieldset

  • Log in page is now consistent with the rest of the site's design, offers a "Forgot Password" link and clearer instructions

Updates - 11-28-2012

  • Increased font size and line-height in the editor when in distraction-free mode

  • Added support for SMS and email alerts (these will become public-facing features in the near future)

Bux Fix - 11-28-2012

  • Fixed an issue where new accounts or anyone with 0 notes saved could not create new notebooks as the button did not work.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking the 'plus' icon next to the new notebook link would bring up a deprecated modal window. This interface should not be used to create notebooks and should no longer appear now.

  • Created a new bug where the plus icon does nothing but still indicates it is clickable.

Bug Fix - 11-27-2012

  • Fixed a pseudo-bug where clicking the logo after being logged in returned you to the homepage rather than your dashboard.

  • will now "remember" you for 2 hours if you leave the site and come back later.

Bug Fix - 11-26-2012

  • Fixed an issue where case-sensitive usernames affected the signup and login process. Usernames are now case-insensitive

  • Made the decision to keep passwords case-sensitive. This is more secure and I like the case-sensitive passwords will generate different hashes for the same string of characters depending on if they're capitalized or not

  • Public pages now show close to 0 errors when accessing them while a user has no public notes and/or no notebooks.

  • Fixed an issue where accessing a user's public page errored out due to being case-sensitive.

Todos for 11-26-2012

  • Fix issue where users cannot create new notebooks unless they have at least one note saved (privacy options do not affect this bug)

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