Greetings from Europe

It's been a little while since I last pushed an update to One week ago today I took off on a trip to visit some family I have in Greece. For the past week I haven't touched a computer once (not for lack of trying) despite being asked to "hack" into banks by my cousins who think being a programmer is the same as being a hacker (the bad kind). The time away from has given me new perspective and some new ideas for what is to come in the coming months. On top of that I've gotten some great feedback from people who really enjoy using and have sent along their ideas and questions about certain features. I can't implement everyone's ideas but I will say that a lot of them have been great and I do plan to implement a good portion of them when I can.

I'll be out on vacation until the end of this month. I'll do what I can to code and push new features as I go along but don't expect much until I get back. In the meantime is stable at version 0.9.8. Report any bugs using the new feeback page.

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