Living in the Pagi-Nation

Embarrassingly, has never paginated either the internal Manage page or the public notes pages. If you have a lot of notes on either of those pages things can definitely get quite a bit messy. Today I'm happy to report that your public notes list will now be fully paginated.

I know, it's a total shame that it wasn't paginated before but I was focusing on some really cool stuff like 2-factor authentication, password recovery, text-to-post and other awesome features. Pagination just kind of slipped my mind. Luckily creating a paginated list of items is always a rather easy thing to do. In my case, a little bit of cruft has built up around a lot of the class methods that pull up public notes but it was a perfect opportunity to do a teeny bit of optimization before pushing it live.

The update will roll out tonight. It's a minor update but it'll be rolled out in stages. Not everyone will see it all at once but the first batch of users should see it starting at about 8pm Central time.

I'm working on a solution for the Manage page as well. I believe infinite scrolling may be the proper solution rather than pagination but we'll see. That's all for now.

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