MoonWeather, a new app by's creator

Last week the developer behind quietly launched a new iPhone app. It's called MoonWeather and if you like full moons and you check the weather in the morning, you'll definitely want to downoad it.

MoonWeather isn't just another weather app. It puts the focus on the phase of the moon and gives you longer forecasts than most other weather apps out there. It's beautifully simple design has been praise by app reviewers and Apple fans.

Here's a quick rundown of what it does

  • Get the current moon phase
  • See the moon phase for the rest of the week
  • Get the weather forecast in your current location
  • See the forecast for over a week in advance
  • Get the weather forecast for any location in the world (search by city, country, or whatever you like)

With even more features on the horizon like monthly moon phase calendars.

If you've got an Android phone, don't worry. MoonWeather for Android is on it's way.

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