More Upgrades for Public Notes

During the course of building version 3 of we've put a lot of focus on the internal, invisible side of things that you, the user, don't really notice - at least you don't think you do. That's why this week we're going to introduce a few changes to your public notes which we know you'll love.

First off, we're redesigning your public notes. The old style was getting pretty stale and never did get updated along with the main website. The new redesign will make your public notes easier to read, easier to share, and easily discoverable.


One thing that has always been lacking is a way for people to discover the great content that our users are producing. The next major update will include new features that will not only give users a way of browsing public notes but also ranking those notes as well. To start we'll have a list of most recent notes and a list of most popular notes. In the beginning they'll all be the same but in time the rankings will change.

We will be actively monitoring for spam and cheaters but right now I think the community is just small enough to not have a lot of those issues while still being large enough to benefit from these features.

Custom themes Premium members will now have the ability to customize their public notes themes and choose between a few we've put together.

We think these changes will make public notes more popular, more enjoyable, and let our users offer great content to the entire web more easily than ever. This is just one way we're thanking our users for making a success.

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