New Accounts: A note about usernames, passwords, and public notes

Last night, when we went live, a bug also went live with the app. As of this morning you may have had trouble logging into your account. This is because usernames were case-sensitive. Currently the issue is fixed in the codebase but existing users may experience difficulty logging in or accessing their public pages for a few more hours.

A note about passwords

Passwords are, have always been, and always will be case sensitive. We'll make sure to make this clear to new users in the future and where appropriate. Please keep this in mind when logging in.

So to recap, usernames are now case-insensitive and passwords are and always will be case sensitive to be aware of capital letters in your passwords.

Public notes were also affected by this bug but this issue should now be fixed. Users who signed up last night may see problems persist this morning but rest assured this issue will be fixed today.

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