New Feature: Export All Your Notes

With services like Google Reader, Posterous, and Twitter in the news for either shutting down or locking their users into their services with no way out I figure people are pretty wary of investing more time, energy, and content into yet another platform with no way of ever getting it back. That's why this past week I've been working on an export feature that allows you to download every note you've ever written in

For now this feature is only available to Premium users but, as everyone should already know, you can get a lifetime upgrade free while is still in beta. If you're not a Premium user yet you'll see a big red upgrade button when you go to export your notes.

You can access the new feature in your settings where you'll see a new panel at the bottom of the settings list. After you click the Export button please be patient! Depending on how many notes you've saved it could take up to two entire minutes to prepare your archive. In my testing it's taken seconds and I have, by far, more notes than anyone else with an account here but it's still possible for it to take up to two minutes.

Your notes are not pulled from our database. Instead what happens is the app downloads a copy of the file versions of every note that are saved to an external source so they're safe and secure in case the server lives on blows up. So downloads all of them, packages them up into a zip file, then automatically downloads them to your computer. Once you click the export button you should get an automatic file download once the export is ready (again, be patient). Inside the zip file you'll find all of your notes as conveniently named Markdown files perfect for importing into Jekyll or Octopress if you happen to use those.

In the future I'll be adding more options that'll let you export your notes in different formats and by date range so those with large stores of notes aren't forced to wait forever and no one is forced to export any more than they really need. The current export feature is the bare minimum that free users can expect to see going forward. I think it's absolutely important that all users have the ability to export their entire store of notes at any time.

Stay tuned as I release more features and further improvements.

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