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When work was started on the new (the site you're currently on that replaced Classic), one of the big features that was supposed to be shipped with version 1.0 was multiple publishing and sharing options. Obviously, you can see that hasn't quite happened. One reason was because as I developed the site I saw myself and others put more of an emphasis on writing and organizing their thoughts more than publishing. When anyone wanted to publish, simply copy/pasting their notes into the platform of their choice or choosing the make their note public was always enough. Well now we're at version 0.9.1 (beta) and I think it's time to add some more publishing options. What follows are's plans for new publishing features. Please let me know what else you'd like to see that I don't mention here either in the comments or by email.

Social sharing

I promised it when launched then took that promise down (which is a lot like breaking it). Well, now I think it's time to reintroduce social sharing. Obviously, if you want to share a note on a social network you need to make your note public in the options panel (thereby making available at Enabling social sharing may be one of the hardest things to integrate into the current codebase oddly enough but I will work on it.

Priority level: Low

Blog publishing already supports public notes available at but not everyone wants to be on our site. In fact, from what I gather from the current userbase, many of them are very technical so they probably enjoy tinkering and customizing things more often than not. Because of that I think the ability to push notes from to Wordpress (self-hosted or on and Tumblr would make sense. I'd also like for there to be a way for Jekyll/Octopress users to be able to publish directly from too. That's a tough one. I use Octopress myself and I've been thinking of a way that I can connect my own account to my Octopress install in such a way that when I save a note in it sends it to a directory on my blog's server that's part of my Octopress setup then runs a script that invokes the Octopress generate and deploy Rake tasks. I'll work on it. Maybe for now having automatically start a download of a Markdown file all properly formatted for Jekyll when a note is saved would be best.

Priority level: High

Custom domains

For those who are alright with using as a publishing platform but would prefer a custom domain name, this new feature would be perfect. This is something I've been wanting to work on forever. It would work just like Tumblr where you set up a CNAME record in your DNS for whatever domain or subdomain you wish to point to and within hours you've got all the benefits of with your own custom domain name.

Priority level: Medium

What else?

Am I missing something you'd like to see? Have something to add to what's here? Let me know in the comments (comments are a totally new feature too by the way).

  • Bill (The guy who made this thing)

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