No more free upgrades and a few new upgrades

When you logged in today you may have noticed a small change or two to the homepage. Earlier today I pushed the first major code update to in almost a year. There are a few small changes and one big change. Let's start with the small stuff.

I'm testing out 5 different background images for the main signup area on the homepage. The one that's been up for the past year or so has gotten kind of stale and was in need of replacing. It's still there but now it's there along with 4 others that will appear randomly each time you visit or refresh the homepage.

I've also finally updated the screenshots that appear on the homepage. Those have been out of date for a very long time. The first major redesign of the site happened after those screenshots went up and I somehow never got around to updating them.

When you log in you'll also notice that your profile image is now nice and round with a pretty white border around it. That should have been done from the start.

Major updates...

The only major update I have to share with you today is that the old free upgrade page is now gone. I've been warning everyone here for 2 years that the free upgrades were eventually going to end and starting today it's official. No more free upgrades. now has a standard pricing model for paid accounts and I think you'll agree it's more than fair. Here's how it works.

You pay $4.99 $1.99 (USD) to upgrade to Premium. That's it. No catch. No recurring monthly or yearly charges. Just a one-time upgrade cost of four one dollar and ninety-nine cents. What do you get for $4.99 $1.99? Unlimited use of forever including future upgrades and all Premium features for life.

Users who have already upgraded will get to keep their Premium accounts and will not be charged in the future. In fact, as our pricing model changes, anyone who has already signed up for a Premium account will be grandfathered in at their current rate. So hurry up and upgrade because the price won't always be so low and the terms won't always be so generous. There will be changes to our pricing in the future - we're just getting our feet wet and learning here - so it's best to lock in a rate now while it's still so cheap.

More updates, including our long talked about API are coming in the near future so stay tuned.

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