No, we are not dead. Yes, version 3 is on it's way.

A while back I announced the introduction of v3.0. That was back in October 2013. So what's happened since then? Well, work has continued on it but at a far slower pace than originally planned. The new is being developed currently. I wanted to make sure to update the official notes so this project didn't look dead. So after all this waiting what can you expect from version 3?

Well, first, here's a brief history of's versions...

Version 1: Amateur Hour

Version 1 was built only for myself but did include functionality to allow mutliple users to sign up. It was buggy and developed in a very insecure and hackish manner as it was a personal project. Version 1 was trashed about a year after its creation and was replaced by...

Version 2: What you see here

You are currently using the guts of version 2. was completely rewritten from the ground up and introduced stability and features that were actually worth using. It was the first version of the app people actually wanted to use.

Version 2.5: Even better

You are currently seeing and using version 2.5 - the very latest version of After the positive feedback and criticism of v2 came in I continued to update the site until it got to the state it's currently in. The design became more user friendly, bugs were fixed, additional security was added, and the web loved it. The user count is now in the thousands and consistently brings in new users daily (v1 only brought in about 20 users total, version 2 brought in hundreds, and this version is bring them in by the thousands).

So what can you expect in the next version?

  • A brand new design - The app will have far more goodies on the front end. It'll be snappier, more reliable, require far fewer page reloads, and even work offline.
  • More security - The current dev builds of v3 makes heavy use of bcrypt for user credentials and supports AES-256 encryption for notes.
  • Finally, an API - Every user will have access to a public API and developers can apply for even more access. This means third-party developers can integrate's functionality into their apps meaning it is now possible to...
    • Slap a brand new design on top of
    • Integrate note saving capabilities into other writing apps
    • Remix public data - Pull in public notes for all sorts of fun things
    • And much more. Just about anything you can do in you will be able to do through the API. Developers who want to access other users' accounts can request access using an oAuth style protocol and users will have the ability to grant and revoke access to their accounts by third parties.
  • Improved mobile web app, iOS app, and Android app
  • Post-by-email/text features become more reliable
  • Updated Sublime Text plugin
  • Manage your account from the terminal via a Rubygem (for nerds only - includes commands most major web functionality)
  • And much much more...

Current features will be beefed up, new social sharing features will be added, options for subdomains and custom domains for public notes pages will be available, and tons more. Not to sound too-good-to-be-true here but basically everything you wish this version of has implemented will be implemented.

So don't worry - is not dead. We're getting a pretty decent amount of new users each day so I'm not too worried that people think the app is dead but frequent visitors may think that due to the lack of updates. Stay tuned for version 3. It may not happen fast but it will happen. We'll even have a beta tester program for anyone who wants to get in on version 3 right away.

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