Note Editor Updates

I'm really excited to announce today that the note editor just got nice little upgrade. When you log into your account you'll now notice a third little button at the bottom of the editor screen, opposite the 'Save' button and next to the original Distraction-free Mode. The new button gives you a second theme option for distraction-free mode: I just call it the "Dark Theme".

The Dark Theme is based off of Solarized Dark, the now very well known text editor/command line theme by Ethan Schooner. It uses just two colors from Solarized Dark but I do plan to implement live code highlighting in the future as well as adding an improved theme switcher with even more themes. For now though, I hope everyone enjoys the new dark theme. I know I prefer to do most of my writing with a dark theme, which is why I added it first.

This new release of also includes some bug fixes for the settings page as well as a few very minor style improvements. The line-height of the live preview pane has been increased from 24px to 1.5em and the login page has been redesigned to (hopefully) be less distracting and more focused.

I'm off to grab a beer and celebrate my work. Enjoy!

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