Our Beta So Far

Write.app has been in public beta for almost exactly one month. I worked incredibly hard over the summer of 2012 to get Write.app to the point where it was useable for the general public. There's still a lot more work to go and bugs to fix but I must say I'm incredibly happy with the response the app has gotten since it opened. But the reason I'm really writing this today is to remind everyone that Write.app is still very much beta software.

Setting Proper Expectations

Some people see the homepage and the app and expect a polished, bug-free experience. Still others see it and see a totally amateur attempt at a web app for writers and thinkers. The truth lies somewhere in between. Write.app is not polished yet. It has bugs. There are large swaths of the underlying code that need to be refactored and optimized and many parts of the UI are in need of improvement.

So to the first group I'd say, please be patient and know that I'm working hard almost every single day to make improvements to the app and rid it of all errors. To the second group I'd say, please don't write Write.app off so quickly. The app has only been open for a month but it has come a long way since the original Write.app was launched in January of 2011. Heck, even the current design is an incredible improvement over the original pre-beta version of the current Write.app that was live over the summer of 2012.

I'm completely aware that things break every now and then but what I don't always know is where and when (I'm actually in the process of implementing a system to track this however). So I'm asking for every user's help. If you encounter a bug, see a feature that's confusing or that you think doesn't belong or need to be improved or if you have any trouble at all using Write.app, I want you to send me an email. I want you to send an email directly to me, not some "info@" inbox or some automatically handled inbox that'll get you an automated message. No. I want anyone with problems, questions, or concerns to send me, Bill (the creator of Write.app) an email about it and I'll personally respond. My personal email address is bill@writeapp.me.

I'll make an announcement when Write.app comes out of beta but there are still a lot of improvements to be made. Here's what's to come in 2013 (I'll go into more detail about these in another post):

  • Lots of bug fixes

  • New homepage design

  • Improvements to the editor UI and Note Manager UI

  • A brand new public notes area design

  • A more organized Settings page

  • A second, advanced editor (for coders and hardcore writers)

  • A Sublime Text 2 plugin

  • Chrome extension

  • Native iOS app

My current focus is on UI improvements. I just finished up lots of new features and functionality and now I'm back to UI design. Once I make some progress there I'll get right back to feature improvements and functionality.

So that's what's going on here. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and don't forget to send me an email any time!

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