Public Notes

Notes are simply to publish in By default all notes are private but in the note editor there is an option make any note public. Simply click the options icon (the gears next to the distraction-free mode arrow buttons) then scroll down to see the available options. Just below post-slug field is a checkbox marked "Make public?". Check the box and when you save your note it will be publicly visible at

Public notes and notebooks

There are no public notebooks, only public notes. All notebooks will be listed in the public view but only the public notes within them will be listed.

In the public view, all your notebook names are visible. Clicking on a notebook name will show all public notes within that notebook. If you have no public notes in a listed notebook then a message will display letting the visitor know that there are no public notes within that notebook currently.We are currently working on making certain notebooks completely hidden from public view even if they contain public notes. This option is coming soon.

Changing the visibility of a note

You can change whether a note is public or private at any time by editing your note. Log into your account and click the Manage link. Click the name of the note whose status you want to change, then, in the reading pane, scroll to the end of your note and hover your mouse over the reading panel. A set of options will show up. Click the Edit option and you'll be taken to the note editor. From there you can click the options button again to display the options for the note you are editing. You can change a note from private to public by checking the "Make Public?" box or make a currently public note private again by unchecking the public box.

More fine-grained control of privacy is currently being worked on.

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