.pw domains are now banned

I'm getting tons of spam alerts these past few days. People with .pw domain names are trying to use Write.app's post by email functionality without an account. These people are wasting their time. They'd be much more successful if they did either one of these two things:

  1. Create a free account then pay $1.99 to access the feature they want to use

  2. Know that when you email the Write.app posting addresses no email is delivered to an inbox. The app just takes you content and makes it a post if you email from a valid address we have on file or rejects it without reading it or anything if it comes from an email address not on file.

I know when people are abusing the site. I get alerts texted to me if they're important. So unfortunately because of the sheer volume of spam from .pw domains Write.app will not allow you to use the post by email feature from any .pw domain name anymore. You won't get any error message or any indication that anything went wrong. Your message will simply be ignored and lost forever. So far there are exactly 0 legitimate accounts with .pw email domains so this will only affect spammers.

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