Spammers need to die

There are a ton of spammers who have discovered out post-by-email feature and are sending us spam email once an hour on the hour it seems. The problem has only been getting worse for the past month. So today we've gotten even more aggressive in our spam fighting tactics and have blocked a specific set of TLDs from sending us email. If you try to post a note via email from one of these TLDs (a TLD is the ".com", ".net", etc. portion of your email address' domain name) nothing will happen. It will fail silently. Here are a few important things you need to remember before opening a support request if you believe your emails are being wrongly blocked.

  1. Only premium accounts have post-by-email capability. If you do not have a premium account (and why not? it's only $1.99 for life) then trying to post via email will result in the email being ignored.
  2. You must send the email from the email address associated with your account. So, for example, if the email address I signed up for with is "" but I send an email to be posted as a note from "" the note will be ignored because we have no way to know that you are actually the owner of that other email address. Again, you still need to be a Premium subscriber for this to even apply to you.

Notes for Spammers

Spammers, take note because you are wasting your time by sending us these emails. Here's why:

  1. You actually need an account for your message to have any effect whatsoever. And we know that 99.99% of the spammers who are sending these emails do not have a account. Without a Premium account your email is just being ignored anyway.
  2. You're not actually sending this to anyone. The emails you're sending are going to end up as PRIVATE notes in a account (if you even have one). So what's the point of sending emails that are only going to be visible by you and you alone? 99% of the spammers who keep sending these emails are sending it to the private note email. If they knew any better they'd be sending their crap to the PUBLIC address which I won't publish right here but is available from within for our real, awesome users.
  3. You are now being blocked and you may have no idea. If your spambot waits for a response then you may get a nice little "fuck you" message but otherwise every last one of your emails is being blocked and completely ignored. They're not opened and not a single person even sees the subject line.
  4. I know who is sending spam the minute they do it. I get alerts sent to my smartphone every single time someone tries to get a spam note posted. Because of this it's really easy for me to block you right on the spot the moment I get the notification.

To our real, awesome users

You guys should have nothing to worry about. The email addresses, domains, and TLDs that are being blocked so far have never been used by any non-spam user and its unlikely they ever will. I would post the email addresses, domains, and TLDs that we're blocking but I don't want to give the spammers any information to help them circumvent this. What I can say is that email addresses like "" and other rarely used domains and TLDs like that are being blocked. Regular people don't have email addresses like that and their email providers don't have domain names like that.

What to do if you suspect you've been wrongfully blocked

If you think your post-by-email notes are being blocked send us a support request by clicking the "Support" link at the very bottom of each page in your dashboard while you are logged in. Before you do, however, make sure that you have a Premium account. Only Premium subscribers can take advantage of this functionality anyway so of course your post-by-email notes will be ignored until you upgrade. Sorry about that, its just that handling these emails and providing this functionality actually costs us money so although we'd like to give it away, I would end up paying for people to use the service which isn't something I have the money for.

If you think you've spotted a spammer's account on the site, make sure to contact us about that too! Thanks for being cool and not spamming us, everyone else. See you next time...

  • Bill,'s creator

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