Stopping Spam

In the past week we've been seeing a ton of spammers try to sell their wares on our free platform. As the sole developer and maintainer of, I don't want this to become a free affiliate marketer platform but at the same time I also don't want to restrict what my users can or can't post. So today I'm announcing that is going to take a hard line against spammers.

To take action against spam we first need to define it. Different people will define it differently. Some people will want to promote their products and services on That's fine if you're a legitimate business. Others will be creating low quality content often generated by bots and posted automatically. That's not okay.

In the end, the decision on what is and isn't spam is going to be completely subjective and I, Bill, the creator and maintainer of will have sole discretion when it comes to determining what content and accounts can stay and which will be flagged as spam.

Starting today, I've implemented a quick and dirty domain and username blacklist feature. At the moment it only applies to users trying to post via email but will soon apply to anyone trying to create an account or post notes as well. The blacklist was created by analyzing the email domains that spam has been coming from and blacklisting those domains from being able to post notes via email. I've also created a blacklist for the domain users. If your username has certain keywords in it then you won't be able to post notes via email.

As time goes on this will become more aggressive and smarter. If you are a paid user then you get more leeway when it comes to what is spam. However, considering that Premium costs on $2 for lifetime access, don't mistake having paid for a ticket to spam. Premium users will be notified and asked to remove posts considered spam when detected. Free users will have their accounts and notes deleted immediately if they are determined to be true spammers.

Legitimate users should have nothing to worry about. Sometimes you want to promote a product or post some affiliate links. I get that. That's alright. The type of spam we're after are the real pros. The guys who flood your inbox, annoy the hell out of you, and generally spam the web with content that is of no use to anyone. is a place where you can securely post private notes and store information you want to remember. It's for writers, teachers, creative types, and everyday people in general. The vast majority of the accounts here are really cool, active people who I'm happy to provide this service for. I want to keep it that way. I don't want this site to turn into a free for all for spammers. So far, even with how large the userbase has grown and the attention the site's gotten from different blogs, the userbase has still remained largely the same - a lot of legitimate users who just want to write.

Spam is something that's inevitable once you reach a certain size and this move is to protect the culture. Again, 99% of you will not notice any change. The 1% of you who do probably deserve it.

If your account is suspended due to spam detection you can always send a support request and I'll review the account to see if maybe a mistake was made. If it is determined that your account was wrongfully suspended you'll get it right back.

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