Updates: Design, New Features, Premium Going Paid

(Our demo video, soon to be part of the new help docs)

Since Write.app launched last year the design has remained pretty much the same ever since. Because the site's popularity has grown exponentially in the past week we've gotten hundreds of new users and many of them have sent emails with some amazing feedback about the site. I'm taking all of that feedback and putting it right into Write.app. Oddly, almost all of the feedback I've received related to things I had been planning or was already in the process of fixing or building. That's a good sign. It tells me that we're all on the same page on what Write.app should be.

You might have noticed today that our homepage is different. Our homepage was in need of a serious redesign for quite some time. It had outdated or just plain misleading information on it and was not very pretty or user friendly at all. I'm surprised anyone even signed up for the site after having seen it. The new design (which I'll be adding to as more features become available) is the direction I'm taking the entire site in. Soon we'll be launching a redesigned account area. That means your note manager, editor, and settings will all have an updated design. I'm not going to go crazy with it, Just redesigning it enough for it to be a beautiful writing experience.

The accounts area is going to get some typography upgrades and small changes here and there that aren't much on their own but add up to something huge when put together. It'll be a big improvement and much more enjoyable experience all around.

We're starting to run into issues where it's tough to track bugs. People have issues and there's no public way of seeing what's going on besides following this blog. I'm currently looking into creating a public issue tracker for Write.app so all users can freely report bugs and see how they're being handled in real-time.

Up until now there really hasn't been any clear explanation anywhere on how to use a lot of Write.app's features. They're mostly on this blog which isn't the best format for a how-to guide. So right now a serious effort is being made to create a help section that covers the usage of Write.app. The Docs will cover Write.app and its platform software which includes the Sublime Text plugin, Rubygem, and Wreditor.

Write.app is freemium software and I'm announcing that we will begin charging for Premium accounts by July. Anyone who has taken advantage of the free upgrade offer can continue to use their account for free forever and will never be charged. Some time in the next few weeks I will be closing down the free upgrade page and opening up the payment form for those who would prefer premium memberships.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce some new features that are coming to Write.app soon. I'm actually leaving for a vacation in Europe in just under two weeks from today. I plan to use that time to implement much of what I've outlined here. Here's what you can expect in the next month:

  • Collaborative editing
  • An upgraded Markdown parser (using GitHub flavored Markdown)
  • Documentation
  • Custom subdomains
  • Differentiation between public, private, and collaborative notes in the Note Manager
  • Issue tracker

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