Version 2

Edit: 7/2/2013: Work has begun on version 2. This site may be open sourced so you can self host it (after removing some sensitive information and cleaning it up a bit). The new app is getting a design refresh and a more secure back-end. Anyone who has any ideas for features or design ideas send them on over using our support page.

This is announcement to let everyone know that will not be updated for several months. I'm currently working on version 2 of this project and it will require a lot more attention than the current app got when it was being developed. I know what you're thinking - there's still a lot to be desired from version 1, how can v2 be on the way? I can explain that. was originally a series of five or six PHP scripts that let you write plain text, save it, then see what you wrote. No editing. Nothing else. In fact, you can browse the original's code on GitHub.

Then I rewrote it into what I'm calling version 1 - this site. I expected it would pick up some users and thrive but the response has been more than I expected. Professional writers, bloggers, journalists, teachers, and others have reached out and let me know that they've found extremely useful. The signup rate increases every single week. In short, there's demand for this thing. Because of that, I can't keep in beta forever (yeah, I know I call it version 1 but it's still beta).

The next two to three months will see a complete rewrite of the codebase from the ground up (for the second time). When it goes live there will not be any bugs, no warnings about certain features possibly not working right, none of that. This site will run like a well oiled machine with a new design and complete set of working features.

That means for the next few months there won't be any updates. That doesn't mean anything is wrong. will continue to operate and receive maintenance when it needs it. Your notes are also completely safe. The only difference is that new features won't be added until version 2 comes out.

If you notice a bug that needs fixing, use the support line. I'll fix it for you. I'm just not looking for bugs on my own right now, that's all.

Stay tuned, you'll like what's coming and if everyone is really good I'll open up a test site so anyone who wants to can try out the new site before everyone else.

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