Welcome to the new Write.app!

Welcome to the new Write.app! My name is Bill and I built this. When I first started rebuilding it I had no idea how involved such a simple idea could be and I severely underestimated how long this beta would take to complete.

Who this is for

Write.app came from a simple idea: that self-expression and publishing do not have to go together. Write.app is all about your own private thoughts and a way to organize them. It was built for the type of person who is just a little smarter than the average journaler. The creatives who want a no-frills writing environment that lets them write, save, read, and, every now and then, even publish their thoughts.

Write.app is perfect for

  • Coders
  • Writers
  • Journal keepers
  • People with ideas

The main thing is that this should be an environment that helps you focus on your ideas. There's no messing with formatting or a million little options. You write, save, read, (sometimes) publish, and repeat. Simple as that.

How to use it

Just register an account and start writing.

Formatting with Markdown

You can format your notes using Markdown. If you're a coder, you can either create inline code snippets or use code blocks. Code blocks can be created by either indenting each line by 4 spaces or wrapping them in three '~' characters like this: ~~~. Syntax hilighting is automatic, detects the language you're using by magic, and we'll include the option to change the theme in the future.

How free is it?

Totally free. For now. Beta users get their accounts free and though we will charge for premium features in the future we will never cut off access to your current store of notes or your ability to create them. We'll always give you plenty of notice before making any sort of change like that. At least three months notice.


A copy of each of your notes is stored as a flat file on Amazon S3 with redundancy and encryption turned on. We're currently working on a feature that will let you download your backed up notes at any time in two ways. As either an XML file for importing into Wordpress or Tumblr or as a zipped file of each note as a Markdown file. Backups are turned on by default and if you need access to them before we turn on the automatic backup download feature, just send us an email and we'll send it to you.

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