Write.app is Getting a Rewrite

Last year I announced that Write.app would not receive any more updates with the only exceptions being major bugs and security upgrades. Today I'm sort of going back on that and announcing big new plans for Write.app.

For the longest time I've been wanting to create a digital confessional. A place where people can anonymously share their secrets without their identities ever being revealed. A place where you can share self-destructing notes (like Snapchats…

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Spammers need to die

There are a ton of spammers who have discovered out post-by-email feature and are sending us spam email once an hour on the hour it seems. The problem has only been getting worse for the past month. So today we've gotten even more aggressive in our spam fighting tactics and have blocked a specific set of TLDs from sending us email. If you try to post a note via email from one of these TLDs (a TLD is the ".com", ".net", etc. portion of your email address' domain name)…

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Stopping Spam

In the past week we've been seeing a ton of spammers try to sell their wares on our free platform. As the sole developer and maintainer of Write.app, I don't want this to become a free affiliate marketer platform but at the same time I also don't want to restrict what my users can or can't post. So today I'm announcing that Write.app is going to take a hard line against spammers.

To take action against spam we first need to define it. Different people will…

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More Upgrades for Public Notes

During the course of building version 3 of Write.app we've put a lot of focus on the internal, invisible side of things that you, the user, don't really notice - at least you don't think you do. That's why this week we're going to introduce a few changes to your public notes which we know you'll love.

First off, we're redesigning your public notes. The old style was getting pretty stale and never did get updated along with the main website. The new redesign…

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No more free upgrades and a few new upgrades

When you logged in today you may have noticed a small change or two to the homepage. Earlier today I pushed the first major code update to Write.app in almost a year. There are a few small changes and one big change. Let's start with the small stuff.

I'm testing out 5 different background images for the main signup area on the homepage. The one that's been up for the past year or so has gotten kind of stale and was in need of replacing. It's still there but…

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MoonWeather, a new app by Write.app's creator

Last week the developer behind Write.app quietly launched a new iPhone app. It's called MoonWeather and if you like full moons and you check the weather in the morning, you'll definitely want to downoad it.

MoonWeather isn't just another weather…

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Heartbleed Status

Some of you may have noticed that the site has been down for the better part of the past hour or so. That's because I've been hard at work fixing the Heartbleed bug everyone's been talking about the past few days. Here's an update on our Heartbleed status.

On Tuesday, April 8th I was alerted to the existence of the Heartbleed bug. At that point I tested the Write.app server manually and via the really handy Heartbleed…

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Version 2

Edit: 7/2/2013: Work has begun on version 2. This site may be open sourced so you can self host it (after removing some sensitive information and cleaning it up a bit). The new app is getting a design refresh and a more secure back-end. Anyone who has any ideas for features or design ideas send them on over using our support page.

This is announcement to let everyone know that Write.app will not be…

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Redesigned (Wr)editor, Note Manager, and more!

You might have noticed over the course of the past week or so that pieces of Write.app have suddenly changed. I hope it wasn't confusing for anyone but I felt I needed to get the new changes live as soon as they were tested and working. With all the hundreds of new users we've been acquiring over the past 3 weeks I felt it was important that they know that Write.app is actively being improved and worked on almost daily.

So here's what has changed in the past…

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Scheduled Downtime

It's been a very busy couple of weeks for Write.app. First we announced Write.app Open, the new open source version of Write.app we're building, then we were featured on MakeUseOf.com for the second time this week. The feature brought a lot of attention and hundreds of new signups to Write.app. We've been able to handle traffic just fine but because our traffic and use of the service has increased so dramatically and shows no signs of slowing down, it's come time…

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