Public Notes

Notes are simply to publish in Write.app. By default all notes are private but in the note editor there is an option make any note public. Simply click the options icon (the gears next to the distraction-free mode arrow buttons) then scroll down to see the available options. Just below post-slug field is a checkbox marked "Make public?". Check the box and when you save your note it will be publicly visible at https://writeapp.me/your-username.

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Code Blocks

Update! Write.app has swapped out it's original Markdown converter for a more modern one. Forget all the special Markdown rules this site used to enforce. You may now write Markdown like you're used to including GitHub flavored Markdown.

Write.app was created for, among others, coders so it's only natural for us to support code blocks. And we do! Along with automatic syntax hilighting. Here's how it works.

Inline code snippets

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