No, we are not dead. Yes, version 3 is on it's way.

A while back I announced the introduction of Write.app v3.0. That was back in October 2013. So what's happened since then? Well, work has continued on it but at a far slower pace than originally planned. The new Write.app is being developed currently. I wanted to make sure to update the official Write.app notes so this project didn't look dead. So after all this waiting what can you expect from version 3?

Well, first, here's a brief history of Write.app's versions...

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A public API for your data

Three years ago, the first public release of Write.app was meant to be a personal writing and note storing platform. It was built for its creator's private use and opened up so anyone could use it. But at that point the data was no longer "owned" by its users in the sense that it was stored and controller by the app and users had to rely on a third party (us, Write.app's creators) to get new functionality. Ll that is changing now with the introduction of a new public…

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We're on Firefox's internal HSTS List Now

Remember last Winter when we made a big deal about being on Chrome's internal HSTS list?? Well guess what? Write.app is now on the Firefox internal HSTS list.

Why is this a big deal?

Being on the internal HSTS list means that no matter what, you will always be connected…

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Version 2

Edit: 7/2/2013: Work has begun on version 2. This site may be open sourced so you can self host it (after removing some sensitive information and cleaning it up a bit). The new app is getting a design refresh and a more secure back-end. Anyone who has any ideas for features or design ideas send them on over using our support page.

This is announcement to let everyone know that Write.app will not be…

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Greetings from Europe

It's been a little while since I last pushed an update to Write.app. One week ago today I took off on a trip to visit some family I have in Greece. For the past week I haven't touched a computer once (not for lack of trying) despite being asked to "hack" into banks by my cousins who think being a programmer is the same as being a hacker (the bad kind). The time away from Write.app has given me new perspective and some new ideas for what is to come in the coming months.…

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Redesigned (Wr)editor, Note Manager, and more!

You might have noticed over the course of the past week or so that pieces of Write.app have suddenly changed. I hope it wasn't confusing for anyone but I felt I needed to get the new changes live as soon as they were tested and working. With all the hundreds of new users we've been acquiring over the past 3 weeks I felt it was important that they know that Write.app is actively being improved and worked on almost daily.

So here's what has changed in the past…

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Updates: Design, New Features, Premium Going Paid

(Our demo video, soon to be part of the new help docs)

Since Write.app launched last year the design has remained pretty much the same ever since. Because the site's popularity has grown exponentially in the past week we've gotten hundreds of new users and many of…

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Scheduled Downtime

It's been a very busy couple of weeks for Write.app. First we announced Write.app Open, the new open source version of Write.app we're building, then we were featured on MakeUseOf.com for the second time this week. The feature brought a lot of attention and hundreds of new signups to Write.app. We've been able to handle traffic just fine but because our traffic and use of the service has increased so dramatically and shows no signs of slowing down, it's come time…

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The State of Browser Based Text Editors

In a previous post I mentioned rewriting a lot of Write.app's codebase. I could start with authentication or routing or any other current feature but what I chose to do first was rewrite our editor. The state on web-based text editors is abysmal. It has gotten a lot better in recent years but there's still much to be desired. I want to talk about what I'm looking for in a text editor and what we should expect from browser-based text editors if anyone ever hopes to…

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Living in the Pagi-Nation

Embarrassingly, Write.app has never paginated either the internal Manage page or the public notes pages. If you have a lot of notes on either of those pages things can definitely get quite a bit messy. Today I'm happy to report that your public notes list will now be fully paginated.

I know, it's a total shame that it wasn't paginated before but I was focusing on some really cool stuff like 2-factor authentication, password recovery, text-to-post and other…

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