New Feature: Export All Your Notes

With services like Google Reader, Posterous, and Twitter in the news for either shutting down or locking their users into their services with no way out I figure people are pretty wary of investing more time, energy, and content into yet another platform with no way of ever getting it back. That's why this past week I've been working on an export feature that allows you to download every note you've ever written in Write.app.

For now this feature is only available…

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Open Sourcing Write.app

I'm excited to announce the open sourcing of Write.app today. The original Write.app, the now defunct Write.app Classic, is a project that I open sourced and abandoned. The site is still live and running and I gave all users of Classic plenty of warning that it is going to be shut down and I will start redirecting that domain to the new Write.app starting today. What was cool about Classic was that you could run it on your…

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Note Editor Updates

I'm really excited to announce today that the Write.app note editor just got nice little upgrade. When you log into your account you'll now notice a third little button at the bottom of the editor screen, opposite the 'Save' button and next to the original Distraction-free Mode. The new button gives you a second theme option for distraction-free mode: I just call it the "Dark Theme".

The Dark Theme is based off of Solarized Dark, the now very well known text…

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New Publishing Options

When work was started on the new Write.app (the site you're currently on that replaced Write.app Classic), one of the big features that was supposed to be shipped with version 1.0 was multiple publishing and sharing options. Obviously, you can see that hasn't quite happened. One reason was because as I developed the site I saw myself and others put more of an emphasis on writing and organizing their thoughts more than publishing.…

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Chrome's HSTS List

Last week I wrote about how I'm back to focusing on security, reliability, and bug fixes within Write.app. Well I'm very pleased to announce that we are officially part of Google Chrome's internal HSTS list. You can check out the official commit here.…

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Added security while using Write.app

As I remind everyone constantly, Write.app is all about privacy. So as the sole developer behind the project I take security seriously. I made sure to use 2048 bit SSL from day 1, encrypt user passwords, and make everything private by default. That said, I know there are still some weaknesses in the system but today we took another step toward even more security for users.

Today I enabled HSTS for the site. HSTS stands for HTTP Strict Transport Security and…

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Refactoring everything

The idea behind Write.app is simple yet it has evolved since its inception over a year ago. At first it was just a distraction-free writing environment. A place to store and organize your private thoughts online. Now, with the addition of the Sublime Text 2 plugin and the upcoming Rubygem, as well as text-to-post, email-to-post, and our mobile web app, Write.app is more. I personally consider it a platform. A platform for writers, thinkers, and creative types to store,…

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Write.app is officially on Package Control

The official Write.app plugin for Sublime Text 2 has been added to the Package Control Channel. If you have package control installed you can install the Write.app plugin by searching for "Writeapp". There's also the official Git repo for those who want to get their hands dirty. You can get all the details in our official announcement. I just wanted to post this real quick…

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Add Commenting to Your Public Notes

Writeapp was never about blogging but I always envisioned it as a one-stop app for being creative, documenting ideas, and even sharing them when finished. But what about feedback? Until now public notes didn't have comments. That is now untrue. I'm happy to introduce today Write.app's new commenting feature powered by Disqus.

Enabling comments

First off, comments are powered by Disqus so you need to create a Disqus account to use this feature. Sign…

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Our Sublime Text 2 Plugin Now in Public Beta

Update: The plugin has now officially been added the Sublime Text's Package Control Channel so you can install it through the app itself

I created a Sublime Text 2 plugin for Write.app last month and after learning Python and the Sublime API plus lots of testing and bug fixes I'm happy to announce the first version is ready for public use! You can now save notes to Write.app directly from Sublime Text! Here's how to get it and how it works...


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