A Redesign for Public Notes

When I first launched Write.app I wanted the focus to be on private notes and making the experience of writing notes as beautiful, comfortable, and distraction-free as possible. I think I've succeeded for the most part in terms of the design of the editor. When it came time to design the public notes area I wanted the same simplicity and focus on the content rather than the design that the internal editor had. The first version of the public notes area was decent…

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Our Beta So Far

Write.app has been in public beta for almost exactly one month. I worked incredibly hard over the summer of 2012 to get Write.app to the point where it was useable for the general public. There's still a lot more work to go and bugs to fix but I must say I'm incredibly happy with the response the app has gotten since it opened. But the reason I'm really writing this today is to remind everyone that Write.app is still very much beta software.

Setting Proper…

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Free Upgrade Offer

If you're a current Write.app member, you probably received an email this morning with information on how to take advantage of a free account upgrade offer (if you didn't receive that email please check your spam folder or you may have signed up after the email was sent out). Since we're still currently in beta we want to offer our existing users, and for a limited time new users, a free upgrade to a Premium Membership for life. Here's the details and what you get:

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Our First Review

A week or so ago I went on a little PR spree and emailed a bunch of websites about the launch of Write.app hoping to get a review. Well, it's finally happened. We have our very first review in what I hope is a long line of them. Who reviewed us? It was MakeUseOf.

I'm pretty proud as this is the first time that not only has Write.app gotten any somewhat significant…

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Obvious Flaws and Oversights

Write.app is being worked on really hard. Updates don't get released every day because we need to test any changes to our code. Even the tiniest change has been known to break large parts of this app in the past. Despite Write.app being very stable, we're very cautious with updates so that no one loses the ability to do anything that the app currently does. That said, in working on the codebase this morning, I was reminded of a few things that are sorely lacking in…

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New Features, Free upgrade for beta users

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm happy to announce a few new features in development and a super special offer for the current batch of beta users! (When I say, "I", I'm referring to Write.app's creator, Bill Patrianakos ).

Free upgrades for beta users

First, I'll announce what the upgrade is all about. Write.app will always offer a free tier but I always planned to offer a…

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This is the official changelog for Write.app. All changes and bug reports/fixes will be reported here until this note gets way too long and we're forced to split it up. Bookmark this note to keep track of bug fixes and other technical behind-the-scenes stuff we're working on.

Updates - 12-5-2012

  • Password reset feature online and active

  • Two factor authentication now online (No user-facing UI to activate it…

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New Accounts: A note about usernames, passwords, and public notes

Last night, when we went live, a bug also went live with the app. As of this morning you may have had trouble logging into your account. This is because usernames were case-sensitive. Currently the issue is fixed in the codebase but existing users may experience difficulty logging in or accessing their public pages for a few more hours.

A note about passwords

Passwords are, have always been, and always will be case sensitive. We'll make sure to make…

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Public Notes

Notes are simply to publish in Write.app. By default all notes are private but in the note editor there is an option make any note public. Simply click the options icon (the gears next to the distraction-free mode arrow buttons) then scroll down to see the available options. Just below post-slug field is a checkbox marked "Make public?". Check the box and when you save your note it will be publicly visible at https://writeapp.me/your-username.

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Code Blocks

Update! Write.app has swapped out it's original Markdown converter for a more modern one. Forget all the special Markdown rules this site used to enforce. You may now write Markdown like you're used to including GitHub flavored Markdown.

Write.app was created for, among others, coders so it's only natural for us to support code blocks. And we do! Along with automatic syntax hilighting. Here's how it works.

Inline code snippets

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